The Accidental Sexist. A handbook for men on workplace diversity and inclusion


The Accidental Sexist is a practical handbook (not a manual!) written for men who want practical ideas and tips they can follow as individual managers to create an inclusive workplace and to set up a male ally group in their department or organisation.  You will learn:-

  • Why gender inclusion is so important for organisations

  • How to talk to men about inclusion and making an organisation more welcoming to women

  • What men say (and think) about including women in the workplace and how we can build on men’s motivation and address points of resistance 

  • How to set up and run a male ally group

  • How individuals can change their behaviours in small ways to make big differences

  • How managers can solve challenges in keys areas such as hiring, promoting and developing the careers of women


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Gary Ford, Stephen Koch and Dr Jill Armstrong


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