Is Ariadne’s Gold Publishing open to submissions?

Yes. Our focus is on publications of any kind, which have a role to play in shifting the paradigm in the world of possibilities for women and girls. Please use our submissions proposal template to format your proposal and send it to hello@ariadnesgold.co.uk.

What’s the best way to buy an Ariadne’s Gold Publishing book?

The best way is to buy direct from our website, here.

Are there discounts for buying in bulk?

Yes, if you intend to buy in bulk we can provide you with a unique discount code to use at the checkout. Please contact us with details of your order.

I am a UK bookseller with access to the national distribution network, what should I do?

Please contact us and we will discuss this for each individual case.

I am an international bookseller, are your books available in other markets?

Our books are currently all in English, so please contact us to discuss.

How long will my order take to arrive?

For orders of 5 or fewer items to a UK address, your order should arrive within 10 working days. For larger orders, please allow up to three weeks for packing, shipping and delivery, as these orders will be processed by our distributor.

Please get in touch with us if your query is not answered here or if you would like to find out more.